How Modern-Day Creepy Crawlers Take Over the Household Again!

News anchors discuss Aqua Fairy's revival of vintage Creepy Crawlers toy at a TV studio.

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Remember the thrill of playing with Creepy Crawlers?

The smell of Plastigoop;

The excitement of creating your own creepy creatures;

The minor mishaps (burnt fingers) that only added to the adventure...

Back in the day, before the internet and smartphones, these toys made great childhood memories that aged like fine wine.

The days of endless creativity and pure joy…

That's exactly what Aqua Fairy brings to modern kids, but with extra care!

It’s one of the reasons it’s taking the internet by storm and parents just want more of it.

So, here are all 5 reasons kids love playing Aqua Fairy for hours.

A woman and a child making craft shapes with colorful bottles and molds at a table.


Kids Play, Parents Relax

While the little ones are busy with Aqua Fairy, you get to relax or join in the party!

It’s a guaranteed quality time for everyone.

With various molds and colorful, non-toxic goops, you can create one-of-a-kind, squishy toys together for hours.

With Creepy Crawlers you had to put the mold into a scorching oven. Ouch!

But with Aqua Fairy, you place it inside a room-temperature water. Mmmm jellies!

Just imagine the joy on your kid’s face as they mix the gels and watch their creation come to life.

100% fun and 0% burnt fingers!


Safe Plant-Based Ingredients

Aqua Fairy may feel like a blast from the past.

Except it’s a thousand times safer.

That’s why we make our gels from sodium alginate, a natural substance extracted from brown seaweeds. It’s a perfect gelling agent for making ice creams, jellies, and puddings.

Meanwhile, The Magic Elf Powder is made from certified calcium lactate (a firming agent found in corn), so you can make as many gel creatures as you want.

Heck, even the entire army of cuteness!

Seaweed for sodium alginate and corn for calcium lactate with descriptive labels.


Unlimited Creativity

Does your kid sit next to a tablet and watch kid shows non-stop?

How about letting them be the main character of their own story and make magic memories?

With up to 10 different color gels and molds, your little one could build an entire world so they can develop creative skills early on.

Sky's the limit!

In fact, researchers at Michigan State University say that engaging in hands-on activities like crafting can highly improve a child's creative and problem-solving skills.

Also, scientists at University of Chicago said that students who participated in hands-on learning modules showed a 30% increase in test scores.


17,000+ Kind Messages & Stories With Nostalgia

Make precious moments together! See how Aqua Fairy helps parents become better, relaxed, and have an amazing family time.

A child playing with colorful toy molds and water in a tray.

Melissa R.

"I feel good knowing the materials are non-toxic and won’t harm the planet. Plus, my grankids love making their gel creatures, and I love that there’s no mess or risk like the toys from my childhood!"

Verified Buyer

Woman and child making colorful crafts at a table, smiling and enjoying the activity.

Bernice V.

"Aqua Fairy kits are a revelation, blending fun with educational sensory play that enhances my son's creativity and exploration of textures and colors."

Verified Buyer

Colorful plastic sea animal toys on wet sand.

Derek H.

"Summers used to be a challenge, keeping the kids entertained without them resorting to screens all day. My two boys have spent hours at the beach, creating and playing with their squishy creations."

Verified Buyer


Easy to Use

It's a piece of cake! Just follow these 4 steps:

1. Pour The Magic Elf Powder (calcium lactate) into 35 oz (or 1 liter) of water and mix until it fully dissolves.

2. Soak the mold into the mixture.

3. Take out the mold and fill it with colorful gels.

4. Put the mold with gel into the mixture and shake lightly for a few minutes or until it solidifies.

Steps to make gel fruit shapes using mold, water mixture, and colorful gels.

Want bigger creatures?

Give them a couple more hours in the water, and they'll grow in size and hold shape for longer!

So, are you looking for a nostalgic quality time with your little ones?

We have a special offer for our readers only. Yes! You!

Aqua Fairy craft kit with various colored gel containers and molds on a black background.

Get up to $60 off during the flash summer sale — hurry, sold out three times already!


60-day refund and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Here’s A Little Secret, Will You Keep It?

Right now, you can’t eat Aqua Fairy animals… YET.

Soon, we’re planning to release an edible version so kids can not only be creative with colors and shapes, but also with tastes! It’s going to be very limited, so…

If you order Aqua Fairy Kit now and once this new version rolls out, you’ll be the first one on the list to try it.

Wish you love, fun times, and beautiful memories!

Aqua Fairy team

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